TAP will provide members with benefits and services including free print and online subscription to the Journal of Taiwan Academy of Periodontology, discounts on meeting registration fees, ability to network with colleagues, a listing in the Academy's Find a Periodontist service, and discounts on member affinity programs. Annual dues are for the calendar year January 1 to December 31. Application is accepted through the year for four membership categories.

Active Members

A dentist with more than two years of periodontal practice or research shall be eligible to be an Active member. Application with recommendations from two active members should be submitted for appraisal and approval by the Board.

Associate Members

An individual specializing in any academic field related to Periodontology or a dentist currently receiving periodontal training shall be eligible to be an Associate Member.

Sponsoring Members

An individual agrees with the purpose of this Academy, or is sponsoring a group or individual member(s) financially or otherwise, and approved by the meeting of the Board, shall be eligible to be a Sponsoring Member.

Honorary Members

An individual with special contribution to Periodontology and approved by the meeting of the Board shall be eligible to be an Honorary Member.